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A story of Love and Hope;

The Time for Farewell has Come, He is the One Who Lets Go of the World.

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Name:Romani Archaman
spoilers warning.

"We don't live because our lives are meaningful. We live to make our lives meaningful."

"When I learned of the multiple meanings of the word 'romance', I was surprised and delighted from the bottom of my heart. The freedom to dream of the future. A heart that seeks a better tomorrow. That is why I named myself "Roman" after the romanticism I admired."
( SOLOMON, King of Magic )

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72 pillar demons, anxiety, cake, chaldea, clairvoyance, creating the age of men, da vinci-chan, dad stop teasing me, ending the age of gods, fou, fujimaru ritsuka, goetia, grounding goetia, gudako, gudao, history, human order, israel, king david, leonardo da vinci, magecraft, magi ★ mari, magic, marisbilly animusphere, martyring myself, mashu, merlin is an asshole, miracles, net idols, normal life, olgamarie, part-time messianic figure full-time doctor, prefers 2d women, professor lev, revelation, rings, romanticism, saving the world, science and common sense, self-depreciation
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